4 Seasons Property Care

Maintaining Beautiful Yards Since 2007


At 4 Seasons Property Care we can arrange to service your yard Monthly, Seasonal or Year Round. Below is our 4 seasons property care program. We have been Maintaining Beautiful Yards Since 2007

Lawn Care

-Weekly lawn cutting and trimming (starts may 1st and runs until the end of September). We come once a week to:

-Cut & bag grass

-Trim the lawn

-Power blow the side walk and driveway before we leave

-Grass is mulched back into lawn. Or All bags of grass and leaves will now be removed!!


Aeration involves removing small plugs of soil which helps loosen up compacted soil. This reduces water run-off and lets the water or fertilizer deeper penetrate the roots for a green healthy lawn. Aeration should be done once a year in the spring or fall.

Spring Clean Up

-Spring clean-up (is done in April). This is a one time visit. that includes:

-Blow out all bushes

-Power rake lawn

-Vacuum lawn to remove all dead grass and leaves

-Power broom sand off blvd.

-Aeration if needed

-All bags of grass and leaves are now removed!!


Fall Clean Up

-Fall clean-up is done in October.

-This is a onetime visit.

-We blow leaves out of bushes, flower beds, shrubs, extra.

-Then do the final cut of the season.

-All bags of grass and leaves are now removed!!


Snow Clearing

-Snow clearing starts (November 1 and runs until March 31).

-Service will be completed after a snow fall of 2 cm or more.

-Service will be completed within 24 hrs after the end of the snowfall.